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What is 3D printing?
3D printing is a technique to create solid objects from a digital model. Using a wide possible range of raw materials, 3D printers add layer upon layer of the material to create an object.
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What can I make with a 3D printer?

From metals to plastics, ceramics to concrete, paper, and even some edible substances, 3D printing technology can be applied in countless ways. If it can be designed, it can be built!
Some already existing applications are:

Industrial products, such as equipment, prototypes, and mass-produced products
Consumer products, like eyewear, furniture, footwear
Medical products, like prosthetics, pharmaceuticals, bio-printing tissues
Archaeology, for reconstructing fossils and artefacts

Why should I 3D print instead of making it another way?

It’s Design and manufacture faster than conventional methods and relatively cheap. From idea, to 3D model to holding a prototype in your hands is a matter of days instead of weeks. 3D printing transforms spools of plastic filament or trays of resin into physical objects. 3D printing is quite literally out of this world


Easily personalize products according to individual requirements


Create intricately designed products that are not possible to be produced otherwise

Consistency and Quality

Mass produce better quality products with great consistency

Risk Mitigation

Reduced errors in single step manufacturing; verify designs and eliminate risks during prototyping