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COVID19 Helpdesk Device

COVID-19 Helpdesk Device detects preliminary symptoms of COVID-19 cases & continuously monitor/track the patient without chaos at very minimal risk of virus spread.

“A large number of tests can be done in minimal time”

“COVID-19 authorities can monitor easily & remotely”


-Self guided & easy to use the software, mostly voice-controlled.

-Register/Login with QR Code

-The system verifies person details with the actual person’s face doing a test by face recognition

-Temperature Scanning: Non-contact thermal IR sensor to measure forehead temperature

-HR & SpO2 Reading: Connects to a Pulse-oximeter device, which measures the readings from fingertips

-Easy to install & test

-CRM for continuous monitoring: Dashboards- MoH , Testing Labs, Police, Patient

-QR Code-based reporting & follow-ups

-Realtime alerts/notifications & report data is shared to police/government with the device location

-Device can be placed anywhere like Public Places, Hospitals & Private entities

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