COVID19 Helpdesk Device- Monitoring The Crowd


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Object Dimension Detector

Object Dimension Detector | Raspberry Pi | Python | OpenCV | Camera

  • Measures n-point coordinates & dimensions of various profiles/enclosures
  • Automated visual inspection of industrial & critical application objects
  • Realtime logs of measured data
  • Calibrated results & accuracy up to 2 decimal places in millimeters
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Gaming- Motion Platforms for Virtual Reality Games/Apps

We are manufacturing 2DOF & 3DOF motion platforms right from the product design, motors, power supply unit, fabrication(SS/MS sheet metals), firmware coding & integration with desktop games via SimTools


COVID-19 Medical Devices- Helpdesk & Logger

COVID-19 Helpdesk Device detects preliminary symptoms of COVID-19 cases & continuously monitor/track the patient without chaos at very minimal risk of virus spread.

“A large number of tests can be done in minimal time” “COVID-19 authorities can monitor easily & remotely”


EEG & Brain Controlled Devices/Games/Apps

4CH/6CH/8CH EEG Device to read brain signals for different applications & games

We are manufacturing EEG(Electroencephalography) device completely designed right from hardware, algorithms, signal processing, firmware


RF Technology- Person/Human Detection & Counting

Laser & Thermal Sensing Technology

We are manufacturing custom designed devices for travel & transport security/surveillance systems, shopping malls & crowd monitoring devices.


DIY Kits- BMS, MMD, Wearbales, Robotic ARMS

Battery Management Systems, Master Motor Drivers

We are the best OEM/ODM supplier for wide range of pcb designs, firmware codes and custom designed robotic platforms for DIY hobbyists, educational/training institutions.

Electronics - Robotics - Manufacturing

“We introduce ourselves as an automation system & products company with a wide range of products dealing in cutting-edge technology.Our skills & products include:Kiosk,Embedded,Electronics,Firmware,BLE, WiFi, LoRa, Product Designing,3DPrinting, Motion Platforms, AR”

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Building engineering products & solutions through electronics, computers & allied technologies which ease the quality of life.
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We are building next generation robots capable of solving day-today problems of humanity.
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We introduce ourselves as a premium brand for manufacturing a wide range of products dealing with cutting-edge technology.
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