COVID19 Helpdesk Device- Monitoring The Crowd


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Object Dimension Detector

Object Dimension Detector | Raspberry Pi | Python | OpenCV | Camera

  • Measures n-point coordinates & dimensions of various profiles/enclosures
  • Automated visual inspection of industrial & critical application objects
  • Realtime logs of measured data
  • Calibrated results & accuracy up to 2 decimal places in millimeters
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Gaming- Motion Platforms for Virtual Reality Games/Apps

We are manufacturing 2DOF & 3DOF motion platforms right from the product design, motors, power supply unit, fabrication(SS/MS sheet metals), firmware coding & integration with desktop games via SimTools


COVID-19 Medical Devices- Helpdesk & Logger

COVID-19 Helpdesk Device detects preliminary symptoms of COVID-19 cases & continuously monitor/track the patient without chaos at very minimal risk of virus spread.

“A large number of tests can be done in minimal time” “COVID-19 authorities can monitor easily & remotely”


EEG & Brain Controlled Devices/Games/Apps

4CH/6CH/8CH EEG Device to read brain signals for different applications & games

We are manufacturing EEG(Electroencephalography) device completely designed right from hardware, algorithms, signal processing, firmware


RF Technology- Person/Human Detection & Counting

Laser & Thermal Sensing Technology

We are manufacturing custom designed devices for travel & transport security/surveillance systems, shopping malls & crowd monitoring devices.


DIY Kits- BMS, MMD, Wearbales, Robotic ARMS

Battery Management Systems, Master Motor Drivers

We are the best OEM/ODM supplier for wide range of pcb designs, firmware codes and custom designed robotic platforms for DIY hobbyists, educational/training institutions.

We build products & services using cutting-edge technology


EEG, or electroencephalography, is a technique to record the electrical activity of the brain. Brain cells called neurons generate ionic currents, causing voltage fluctuations, which are measured by EEG. 

LoRa is the basis of the Internet of Things, which refers to a network of physical devices connected to the internet and can communicate with each other. Some examples of LoRa technology usage are:

  • Health and hygiene (temperature and humidity monitoring, smart wearable devices, patient trackers)
  • Upgraded utilities (monitoring of water, electricity, fuel, waste level)
  • Security (smart lighting, radioactivity measurement)
  • Smart homes (connected appliances for tailored user needs)
  • Agriculture (tracking animals, monitoring crop growing conditions)
  • Logistics (cargo and transport management)

Bluetooth Low Energy is also a Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN), just like Bluetooth. The difference lies in the purpose of both technologies. Bluetooth usage is centered around continuous and large data exchange at close range, while BLE applications are those that require periodic data transfer, thus prioritizing battery life over speed.


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“We introduce ourselves as an automation system & products company with a wide range of products dealing in cutting-edge technology.Our skills & products include:Kiosk,Embedded,Electronics,Firmware,BLE, WiFi, LoRa, Product Designing,3DPrinting, Motion Platforms, AR”

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We introduce ourselves as a premium brand for manufacturing a wide range of products dealing with cutting-edge technology.
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