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BYTE- Bite Force Measurement Device


BYTE“- Bite Force Measurement Device is an ideal product for dentists or consumers to measure weight, force & pressure from small cross-section areas.
  • Read bite force & analyze force, weight, pressure using 12-bit ADC resolution
  • Force measurements up to 444Newton: Weight(in kg), Pressure(in mmHg), Force(in Newton) SI units.
  • RED Led ON when plugged in charging & OFF when unplugged from charging, turns GREEN when full charge.
  • Micro USB Type B for charging battery any normal/standard charger will work.
  • Li-Ion battery with reverse current protection, 3-4 days battery backup in full charge.
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Patent File Number: 202131007326
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Use-Cases: As a diagnostic aid in every restorative and prosthodontic treatment. In Tmj pain disfunction treatment In MPDS treatment In Implant treatment for diagnosis, selection of size, number, and location. For diagnosis of failure of prosthesis especially metal-free In orthodontic treatment Evaluation of bite force strength during jaw fracture treatment In research work

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Additional information

Additional information

Weight 800 g
Dimensions 150 × 100 × 100 mm
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