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What is Computer Vision?
Computer vision is the field of computer science that focuses on replicating parts of the complexity of the human vision system and enabling computers to identify and process objects in images and videos in the same way that humans do

How does it work?

Computer vision works in three basic steps:

Acquiring an image Images, even large sets, can be acquired in real-time through video, photos or 3D technology for analysis.
Processing the image Deep learning models automate much of this process, but the models are often trained by first being fed thousands of labeled or pre-identified images.
Understanding the image The final step is the interpretative step, where an object is identified or classified.

Why Image Processing?

Today’s AI systems can go a step further and take actions based on an understanding of the image.

Image segmentation

partitions an image into multiple regions or pieces to be examined separately.

Object detection

identifies a specific object in an image. Advanced object detection recognizes many objects in a single image: a football field, an offensive player, a defensive player, a ball and so on.

Facial recognition

is an advanced type of object detection that not only recognizes a human face in an image, but identifies a specific individual

Feature matching

is a type of pattern detection that matches similarities in images to help classify them

Applications and Case Studies