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GUI HMI Design

Design user interfaces for various devices and systems used in industrial or consumer applications. Creating intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that enable users to interact with machines, software, or devices efficiently.

Firmware Development

Embedded C/C++ Coding I2C, SPI, UART Drivers Library & Function APIs Firmware Development. Expertise in embedded systems, microcontrollers, electronics, and low-level programming.

Custom WebApp & Software

Tailored software solutions that cater to the specific needs and requirements of businesses or individuals. Custom solutions offer greater flexibility and control, ensuring that the software perfectly aligns with the engineering goals

PCB & Schematics

Development of electronic products, ranging from simple consumer devices to complex industrial systems, various industries, including consumer electronics, medical devices, automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, and more.

Build Your Idea & Engineering

We introduce ourselves as an automation system & products company with a wide range of products dealing in cutting-edge technology

We are building next generation automation solutions and products capable of solving day-today problems of humanity.

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Latest Technology Services Offered

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Our Services & Expertise

We provide professional services & solutions


GUI/HMI Design & Development C/C++ Coding

GUI HMI design service provider with expertise in your specific domain and industry

Factory Automation

Industrial Use-cases Manufacturing & Production Support

Automation: Data Loggers, Analytics & Machine Vision

PCB Manufacturing

PCBA Support Validation, Testing & Consulting Support

Hardware design, manufacturing, testing & validation support

3D Printing & Scanning

Product & Enclosure Designing- Consulting 3D Printing & Scanning

We do a formation to your idea & build a working model of your idea

Software Services

Embedded Application & Software Development-Qt C/C++ Python

Firmware Development- Embedded C/C++

Web Application & CRM Development

Custom Android & iOS App Development

Custom API & Cloud-Services for Embedded & PLC

Hardware & Manufacturing Services

Schematics & PCB Design

Product & Enclosure Design

3D Printing & 3D Scanning- Camera

PCBA Support Validation, Testing & Consulting Support

Hardware Outsourcing & Procurement

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